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NetBackup Job And Activity Monitoring

NetBackup Job And Activity Monitoring

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Is there a way to increase the jobs history retention period? I would like to keep more than 4 days worth of jobs in the window of activity monitor. ... from the netbackup documentation ( NetBackup_AdminGuideI_WinServer):.... Go to Netbackup activity monitor. Then filter the "Status" column with ">1". This will give you all tha failed jobs.. // In my case I created the two registry entries mentioned in that link.. Hi, Netbackup buddies as we know , the jobs information in #jnbSA 'Activity Monitor' by deault will keep3 days . and we can change the keep.... In the NetBackup Administration Console, the Activity Monitor lists NetBackup jobs. For each job, the job detail displays Greenplum Database backup.... As long as the Activity Monitor is active in the NetBackup Administration Console, the bpjobd daemon supplies the job activity status to the Activity.... By default, Netbackup keeps 78 hours worth of history in the activity monitor. If you wanted to make this more, log on to you Netbackup master.... 1. get the job id from "Activity Monitor" on NBU console. 2.Run following command on NBU master server to deleted it.... The Veritas NetBackup Activity Monitor shows a backup job's history. The last major Veritas NetBackup release, 8.0, came out in December 2016. Key features.... Figure 6.2: Activity Monitor. This screen lists all the jobs that are currently being tracked by NetBackup, including jobs that are queued, active, and finished.. This screen lists all the jobs that are currently being tracked by NetBackup, ... From the Activity Monitor, you can cancel individual jobs or cancel all running jobs.. Select Activity Monitor. Select Jobs. Specify Group Type, Sort Order, and Order, and select Get Summary List from the menu or the Activity Monitor Job Settings.... Through the use of monitoring tools, the Data Center typically receives alerts of ... While reviewing the job activity monitor within NetBackup some jobs were not.... Net Backup Activity Monitor shows backup jobs are in Queued state. Login to the backup server and check the queue status

Use the Activity Monitor in the NetBackup Administration Console to monitor and control NetBackup jobs, services, processes, and drives. The options on the.... Base Opscenter is included with NetBackup. This keeps jobs infromation and other information for a lot longer and allows you to report against specific date ranges. this would allow you to reduce the amount of days in the activity monitor so that you could keep performance higher for your daily operations.. Using and customizing the NetBackup Activity Monitor. Performing manual backup operations. Performing user-directed backups. Backup job-related tips.. and monitoring NetBackup master and media servers, clients, and policies. NOM console ... NOM can monitor and manage NetBackup job activity, job policies.... How-To : Symantec Netbackup - Increase Number of Days in Activity Monitor Job History. Query the Current Setting. To see what the current setting is, you can use the command: Changing/Increasing the Setting. Update Setting on Master Server. Restart Netbackup Services.. ... of days a backup job's history remains available in the Job Activity Monitor on ... Windows-based VERITAS NetBackup (tm) master server:


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